Inseparable for 270 years

This might give some perspective, and thoughts. There are different kind of relationships, and everything is fine as long as we are happy.
Sometimes I’m just wondering about total love, and freedom in relationships, or changing partner ones in a while. Is it really total love, or is it one of our consumtion parties, as buying new cloth, exploring new countries, eating new food, new job, discovering new personalities, sex positions, meeting new people, new new new. Me, me, me. It’s fine of course, but is it just a disguist by our ego? Afraid of getting bored? Who is bored? Yes, we should be happy, but what if we just stop for a while.
What happens if we don’t change the things around us so much, but start instead of seeing the small subtle changes happening around us, and most of all inside us. What happens in us, in our bodies, and our feelings?
What happens if we are watching more, and noticing than being the change? Can we be happy then too?
As Osho says, more action, and less activity. (If interested you can find more in the book Tantra Supreme Understanding by Osho.)
I’m not saying change is bad, I’m just saying maybe we can learn a little more from our surrounding, like the trees ❤️.

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